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Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel

Series 1, Episode 3

Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel

On 31 August 1997 at 12.23am, a black mercedes crashed into a concrete pillar in a tunnel in Paris killing Diana, Princess of Wales, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and the driver Henri Paul. Within 30 minutes the tunnel was packed with paparazzi, policemen, pedestrians and paramedics all jostling for space. DIANA: THE WITNESSES IN THE TUNNEL is the exclusive story of what happened immediately after the car crashed. It reveals who went into the tunnel and why; who photographed what and when; as well as the arguments and the fights that took place. The film also explains why the photographers were arrested, how they became scapegoats for the accident and what happened to them and the photographs they took.

 Read more Read less Duration: 47 min